Our Newest FIZ.Fit Team Member

Our Newest FIZ.Fit Team Member

The FIZ.Fit fix: sparkling water with collagen protein… and flavor! 

Protein water is a healthy replacement for sugary, carbonated drinks. It is known to help reduce your appetite by making you feel full and reducing the urge to snack. But there has always been something missing. 

Now the FIZ.Fit team has come to the rescue. 

We had tried some other protein drinks that left a gross film in our mouths, or left our mouths feeling dry. When we created FIZ.Fit, it tasted very refreshing and light, so we decided to pursue it for real,” says a FIZ.Fit spokesperson. 

To make protein water healthy and refreshing at the same time, FIZ.Fit came up with an idea that improved the drink everyone wants but few love. But creating a recipe for the drink to taste like sparkling water without the aftertaste was a big challenge. 

Getting the recipe to taste like sparkling water without the cakey, filmy after-taste was difficult,” says the spokesperson. “It was a huge challenge and a major milestone when we achieved it.” 

Now, protein water is not only beneficial to your health, it is actually enjoyable and refreshing. FIZ.Fit has even added an extra 20 grams of collagen protein. 

Starting a new business is not always about being the first to market, although we are,” says the spokesperson. “It's often about improving something that is already in demand. Like when Bonobos improved men's dress pants, or Allbirds’ simple material change for a pair of shoes. 

“FIZ.Fit brings a simple, healthy improvement to the sparkling water world by adding 20g of collagen protein. 

UFC Fighter "The Future" Ian Garry signed a contract with FIZ.Fit after he tried it. Like his name suggests, together they both are the future in MMA and sparkling water. 


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